Hey guys,

I start another tumblr and on this point: I don´t want beg to follow them or something like this because it have nothing to do with “Acherontia”. It´s just that this topic is really important to me. So it´s not a fashion blog, music blog or lifestyle blog, it is a blog about my approach to the world. I interested in politics not for so long (think it really started a few months ago, especially the thing between Russia and Ukraine push this interest). But I post - from my point of view- the truth. I don´t know if it will be really just about politics and not about themes like “trend diseases” also ´cause I started today, but yeah maybe if I have some follower which think that money controlling people, the government is largely a bunch of ruthless actors and that the things are not so easy like them seems, maybe you wanna check it out.

Anonymous asked:

The girl in the photo u posted a bit ago with the blonde hair and dark lips is actually Frances Bean Cobain, Kurt Cobain's (Nirvana) daughter. Just so you know.

Oh you´re right, I have little problems with the cognition of faces.
Thanks for the info.