beautifulxbutxbroken asked:

crap im so sorry for the photo reply thing... i thought the camera meant that I could save the photo onto my laptop.. I'm so sorry

I don´t know what you mean, but no matter what it is don´t worry. Every time I post something I do a tick into the quad which allow others people reply to the post with a photo, so if you do this, it´s nothing bad.

And thank you for the compliment in the fanpost.

Anonymous asked:

Hey! Just to let you know what you are tagging as "vintage" is not actually vintage. Grunge isn't classified as vintage and as I'm trying to look at Victorian dresses and 1950s fashion I see grunge. Please tag carefully because yeah

I understand what you mean, but I think what´s vintage is a little the personal view also. I´m thankful that you write me this and I´ll try tag more carefully but there will be anyway pictures with grunge styes which I tagged as “vintage” because for me this word means something like “old/ace/ typical” and that is grunge for me.